About Adams

AonTVWm. Adams is an average TV viewer with a lot of opinions and a netbook. He is wage slave and a family man, and a lifelong fan of the medium. He can drop obscure quotes in most situations (“That’s a two-call finagle.”), whistles theme songs from 70’s and 80’s and can name the original network that aired most shows since the 60’s.

Wm. Adams watches too much TV on a Phillips 47” LCD with Ambilight, hears too much TV with a JVC Sound Bar Home Theater System, changes too many channels with a Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote and streams Netflix on a Samsung WiFi-enabled Blu-Ray Player.

Wm. Adams watches too much TV via DirecTV. Thinking of switching? Drop me a line, I'll give you my account number, and we'll both save $100.

Questions, comments, amusing anecdotes and scathing rebuttals are always welcome.  Use the comments on the posts or drop me a line. You can follow me on Twitter or you can e-mail me.
More to Come.