May 25, 2011

No $#*!, and other TV Goners

The major networks have made their decisions on their Fall schedules. A ton of shows were cancelled to make room for what they hope will be the next big thing. In most cases, the world is a better place without these shows, although a few showed promise or were actually pretty good. Here are the shows that didn't make the cut.

Better With You - I made it through two half episodes. Horrible and predictable.

Brothers & Sisters – I am not in the target audience for this show, so I never watched it. So I won’t miss it. I’m sorry if you will.

121658_D_0063Detroit 1-8-7 - I never saw it, but I know some folks who really enjoyed this show.

Mr. Sunshine - Out of respect for Chandler Bing, I gave this show 5 episodes. I LITERALLY did not laugh once.

My Generation - I don’t know what this is. Was it really ever on?

No Ordinary Family - Dumb concept, poorly executed.

Off the Map - My wife really liked this show, so I’d have to say this is the biggest mistake on the list. This show should v-logo-001be saved by another Network. OK, Honey?

V - At least the original was so cheesy, it was fun. This was just boring.


Americas Next Great Restaurant - …is not going to come from a reality show.

The Cape - Watched two episodes. Could have been better, won’t be missed.

NUP_139371_0301Chase - I watched this for about a half season. I kind of liked it. It was well acted and it was set in Texas. The plots became fairly repetitive, with a death just before every commercial break, but still, there are worse things that survived longer. *cough, *cough, Heroes, *cough, *cough

The Event - My most anticipated new show last summer. My biggest disappointment last Fall. Just never went anywhere. A non-Event.

Friday Night Lights - Was this canceled? I thought it just wrapped up. Huh. Well, my employer was featured in a few episodes, so I guess it was a good show.

Law & Order: LA - The second dud in the franchise. Pulled off the air and retooled, it still didn’t catch on.

watch-outsourced-onlineOutsourced - OK, a lot of folks say this show was not PC, that it was mildly racist. I watched it and never got that feeling. The characters were funny and it tried to celebrate the Indian culture. I liked it and will miss it.

The Paul Reiser Show - NBC yanked this show after two episodes. I watched the first one and it was fine. It could have been better and likely would have gotten better, but now we’ll never know. I’m just sayin’.

Perfect Couples - Hated this show. I think fan-boy fave Olivia Munn was cast in the wrong role. Instead of the straight laced yuppie (do we still use that term?), she should have been the hard drinking party girl. They should have asked me sooner.

School Pride - Again, is this a typo? Never heard of it.

The-Chicago-CodeBreaking In - TV seems desperate to give Christian Slater a show. This is his third in as many seasons to get the axe. I watched it, it was weak, but had a couple of funny actors.

The Chicago Code - Didn’t see this, but everyone who did, liked it. Just not enough of them did.

Watch-Human-Target-Season-1Human Target - I loved this show. It got 2 seasons in before getting cancelled. It was simply fun, a comic book adaptation about a bodyguard. Jackie Earle Haley was especially good as Guerrero.

Lie to Me - …and tell you that you’re coming back? Sorry can’t do it.

Lone Star - This was predicted to be a big hit, but was pulled after two episodes. Harsh treatment for something named after Texas. We don’t normally tolerate that.

Running Wilde - Worst show of the season, possibly of the still young century. The kind of bad that makes you wish you had The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer on Blu-ray.

Traffic Light - Never got around to watching this, but the jokes in the commercials seemed like they might be funny. Red means Stop.

THE DEFENDERSCriminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - A spin-off (actually, a back door pilot) of Criminal Minds. Ran in the Spring but never caught on. Case closed.

The Defenders - OK, I thought this might have been a bigger hit. I watched 2 or 3 episodes, thought the scripts were decent, thought the chemistry between the leads was solid. Surprised it didn’t find it’s niche.

Mad Love - Watched two or three episodes of this, it had a few laughs. May have suffered from the fact that the two side characters were much funnier than the two leads.medium

Medium – This was a quality show that had a pretty good run. A move to a new network didn’t save it, but at least it was allowed to wrap up with a satisfying series finale.

$#*! My Dad Says - Did I already say something else was the worst show of the season? Maybe it was a tie. As a friend said, they should have just called it, “$#*!”. Horribly miscast (should have been Judd Hirsch) and horribly scripted. #GoodRiddance

Hellcats-Poster-31Hellcats - Hot Cheerleaders don’t get good ratings? What a sad, sad pathetic world we live in.

Life Unexpected - Cancellation Expected.

Smallville - Again, not really cancelled. It was on for years, wrapped up and had a series finale.

stargate_universe-showStargate Universe
- This one gets my blood boiling. SyFy has been proving they don’t know $#*! about running a network. SGU was the best show in the Stargate franchise. The scripts were just starting to gel and they were getting into some very interesting territory, literally and figuratively. But the show was expensive and SyFy axed it to make room for another kind of fiction: Perfeshunle Rasslin’. And the plug was pulledcaprica-poster-3 before they could wrap up the series properly, leaving the plot unresolved after two years. Some executive should be blown out the airlock.

Caprica - I’ll admit that Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica, was a bit hard to take in if you weren’t a hard-core fan. It dealt with heavy themes, and was a little short on action and typical sci-fi gizmos. But it was still a quality show that could have been great given more time.

Also of note are a couple of shows in development that got some press, but in the end did not get picked up:

Wonder Woman - This may be a case where a single photo of a costume killed a show.

Poe - We will not get to see Edgar Allen solving crimes in 19th Century Boston. Why not? It’s a mystery to me.

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