Apr 28, 2011

Out of Office

steve_carrell_the_office Unless you failed to pay your cable bill for the last nine months, you know that Steve Carell is leaving the hit NBC show, The Office, to focus on his film career. Tonight is Michael Scott's final episode. We’ll have to wait till next season to see who his permanent replacement will be and if the show can maintain its quality without him, but tonight’s expanded 50-minute episode is about him.

The episode will certainly have laughs and tears. There will be the requisite one-on-one scenes with each of the other characters where they settle their differences and celebrate their time together (except with Toby).

And thus, I find myself wondering what his last line on the show will be. I think it is obvious. I think there is only one way he could wrap it all up. So here’s how I would script it:

The last day has passed, the last commercial break is done. During the day, Michael has questioned whether he’s making the right decision. Holly is there, knowing this will be a tough day for him and wanting to offer support.  Holly and Michael come out of his office. She’s carrying a box with all of his memorabilia—koosh ball, coffee mug, trophy, certificates, desk phone, office supplies. He has his overcoat on his arm. He takes one last long look around the office, soaking it all in. He’s already said his good-byes, he just wants to rip the band-aid off and get this part over quickly.

As they step towards the door, Jim stands and begins slow clapping, followed by Pam, then Andy, then the rest of the office staff. Michael, eyes filled with tears, stands there and absorbs it, beaming. He opens the door, holds it open for Holly. He looks into her eyes and knows he’s doing the right thing.

Looking back to the staff, he says, “Good-bye everybody.” The clapping stops. Unable to control it, Pam says, “We love you, Michael.” He looks at them all, then back at Holly, then back at them. He cocks his head towards Holly and says, one last time…

“That’s what SHE said!”

They kiss, turn and leave, the door closes behind them.

Silence. The phones start ringing. The staff slowly move back to their desks and go back to work. And… SCENE!

Anyway, that’s how I’d do it.  Tune in tonight to see how close I got.

The Office on NBC at 9/8C.

More to Come.

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