Dec 26, 2010

AonTV's Best & Worst of 2010

Virtually every media outlet is presenting their best and worst of 2010, so here is mine (not that I’m a “media outlet” mind you). As with everything on this site, this is my opinion, based upon what I’ve watched this year. There may have been better and worse on TV this year, but if I don’t watch them, they don’t make the list (sorry Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad). Do you have a differing point of view? There’s a comment box down below, or head over to Blogger and set up your own site.

I’ll start with the Half Hour shows now and get to Hour shows in a day or so.

And away we go…

Best Half-Hourmodern-family

Modern Family (ABC) – From the very first episode, MF found its comedic voice and was rewarded with an Emmy in its first season. It never came close to a sophomore slump. The three branches of this family consistently deliver laughs.  The entire cast is spot on, from the kids all the way up the Modern Family tree.
Runners Up
Cougar Town (ABC), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Community (NBC), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), The Office (NBC), 30 Rock (NBC), The League (FX), East Bound & Down (HBO).  What can I say, a lot of good comedies out there these days, many of which could have taken the top spot.

Best New Half Hourraising hope

Raising Hope (Fox) – Hope takes this prize coming out of a weak pack of new shows, but that doesn’t  diminish how good the show is. The first half season has been reliably funny, introducing some of the funniest characters since, well, Modern Family. Worth a run over to just to see Maw-Maw dancing and playing hoarder Jenga to Istanbul (Not Constantinople). All 11 episodes are currently online.
Runner UpFX_shows_louie
Louie (FX) – This show from the mind of stand-up comedian Louis CK was a true surprise. I’d watched  Life with Louie on HBO and thought this would be similar, but he really took it to the next level. Louis CK found a way to move seamlessly from gut busting humor (a stoned weekend without the kids) to frank and insightful (a discussion with a gay friend during poker), all wrapped in his unique stand-up.

Best Half Hour Episodejoel-mchale-community-paintball-episode-nbc-560x250

Community, "Modern Warfare" – The best ensemble cast in TV pushes the boundaries of the genre  every week. This episode, featuring a campus-wide paintball tournament, spoofed action movies from 28 Days Later to Die Hard to Platoon to Terminator.  Best line, from Abed, “Come with me if you don't want to get paint on you.”
Runner Upnoonan
Louie, “God” – This was a surreal episode with Louie flashing back to a traumatic period in his Catholic  education. The Stern Nun, frustrated with her class of 9 year olds, calls in a creepy FBI doctor (brilliantly played by
Tom Noonan) to give them a blow by blow demonstration of how Christ died for their sins. Only Louis CK could make this disturbingly hilarious.

Best Half Hour, Gone Too Soon

Better Off Ted (ABC) – Although it was only on for two seasons, Ted set a standard for bizarre comedy. ban[188] Set at Veridian Dynamics, a research corporation that will invent anything for a profit, such as cow-less meat and an office chair so uncomfortable it makes people work harder, Ted was a pitch perfect view of what happens when greed meets innovation.  Most episodes featured a corporate commercial that sounded just different enough from ADM not to get sued. "Veridian Dynamics: Right and Wrong. It means something. We just don't know what."

Best Half Hour Actor

Pic_1Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother – When lothario Barney Stinson suits up, he may be one of  the funniest characters on TV. NPH plays him with bravado and confidence. Especially fun are the episodes where Barney is not the coolest guy on the show, as when he’s in fear of a power slap on Slapsgiving. Harris is simply legen… wait for it …dary!
Runner Up
g1 Garret Dillahunt, Raising Hope – Dillahunt shines as Burt Chance, the patriarch of an un-smart family that has suddenly grown by an unexpected grandbaby. Mostly known for serious and creepy roles, including
Deadwood and The 4400, Dillahunt brings innocence and sincerity, if not intellect, to the role.

Best Half Hour Actress

julie-bowen-modern-family-funny-231x300 Julie Bowen, Modern Family – While co-star Sofía Vergara gets more press due to her accent and her curves (I happen to think she is the third best looking woman on the show, since I found out that Sarah Hyland just turned 20), Julie Bowen is the highlight of the show. She is the link between the three family units and she says more with a blank stare and and a wide open mouth than most actresses say in a hundred words. Bowen’s Claire Dunphy is the perfect foil and mate to husband Phil.
Runners Up
BusyPhilipps01 Tie: Busy Phillips, Cougar Town and Martha Plimpton, Raising Hope -- Busy 101018-RaisingHope-MarthaPlimpton Phillips, in addition to being just about as cute as can be, brings a sparkle to her role as Laurie Keller. She plays a blonde that knows her dingy-ness is part of her charm. Luckily, they’ve toned down her trampiness this season. Martha Plimpton plays Virginia Chance, a grandmother way before her time, as a pugnacious, exasperated mom who is trying to make as normal a life as possible. Great acting is in the eyes, and Plimpton’s eyes speak volumes.

Worst Half Hour

Tie: Running Wilde & $#*! My Dad Says – I started two episodes of Running Wilde and turned them both off within 15 minutes. It wasn’t just that they weren’t funny, they sucked any residual funny out of the room. And $MDS started with the hilarious comments from the Twitter feed, but forgot that they needed to write funny stuff to fill in between.  In my opinion, William Shatner was horribly miscast; I’d have much rather seen someone like Judd Hirsch take the role.  As my friend Todd said, “ $#*! My Dad Says? They should have just called it $#*! ”
Runners Up
The Marriage Ref & Two and A Half Men – Bottom line, the people on The Marriage Ref were never as clever as they had convinced themselves they were and Tom Papa came off like a bad used car salesman. And I know I’m in the minority on Two and a Half, but I’ve just never found it all that funny with way too much reliance on set-up and punch-line comedy. I do like Charlie’s bowling shirts, though.

So that’s my list of half-hour shows. If you don’t like my list, substitute “favorite” for “best”, or suggest your alternatives in the comments.

I’ll post Hour shows soon. Until then, as always…

More to Come.

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