Nov 11, 2010

TV Net Work, 11/11/10

I work the Net so you don’t have to

Glee Fans, here’s a nice profile of Dot Marie Jones, Coach Beiste to you and me. 15 world arm wrestling titles.  Damn.

Tina Fey receives the Mark Twain Award for American Humor. Look for the broadcast on PBS this Sunday. I want to go to there.

So many shows have given up using long titles sequences. EW has a slideshow of 25 of the most famous.  Here’s the story…

Valerie Bertinelli and Bonnie Franklin will reunite on TV in January. That’s fine, but where’s Schneider?

I guess this is our payback for Crocodile Dundee II

Homer may outlast us all.

More to Come.

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