Oct 10, 2010

SNL, 10/9/10, Jane Lynch with Bruno Mars

A surprisingly good episode, despite several appearances by Kristen Wiig. This episode used its host quite well, as the centerpiece of many sketches.

The Cold Open: Serviceable Gloria Allred impersonation by Nasim Pedrad. No real point to it other than to show off her impersonation, but good to see the talented Pedrad used so early. Time to promote her from a “featured” player. What, no room? Ditch Wiig.

Monologue: I was distracted the whole time trying to figure out of Lynch knew her suit was hanging off her shoulder exposing her bra strap. Clever song, bombastically delivered. But fix your suit. Funny actress, loves me some Jane Lynch, but I don’t really want a nip shot from her.

Fake Commercial: “Dammit my Mom is on Facebook Filter.“ Funny stuff based on real life horror story. “I’m laughing out loud on the floor!” “Boy do I need new dungarees.” Like.

Requisite Glee Parody: This was proceeding very nicely. Funny impersonations and lines. And then screeeeeeeetch to a halt... It’s Kristen Wiig, the worst comic on the show, doing her worst character, Gilly. SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! Someone put an end to the madness! If you tune her out, a funny sketch, with her, SORRY.

Talk Show Sketch: “The New Boyfriend Talk Show.” This was a funny sketch, with Lynch as a tramp and Adams Samberg as her son who interviews each new boyfriend before they go home. Clever idea, well written and executed. Lynch and Samberg are joined by Jason Sudekis as the latest “guest”. Sudekis is hysterical, especially when he finds out Magic Johnson is one of the many men ahead of him on the guest list. Best sketch of the night.

Fake Commercial: Wiig brings back her Christine O’Donnell impersonation with a parody of the now infamous “I’m not a witch” campaign ad. I’ll give Wiig this one, it’s a pretty good likeness. Clever, if a little obvious.

Fake Gameshow: The “classic” gameshow Secret Word, a knockoff of Password. Wiig trots out another of her tired retread characters, Mindy Grayson, the vapid narcissist actress who can’t get the rules of the game. How many ways can they come up with to have her say the secret word as the clue. Bwaha. Bwaha. Bwa… Lynch does a good turn as a Phyllis Diller/JoAnne Worley style comedienne. A weak sketch that we’ve seen several times before.

SNL Digital Short: Funny short with Lynch as a therapist helping Samberg with his stress issues. Lots of good bits, bit of a shock seeing Lynch naked spooning with Adam.

Returns & Exchanges: Can’t say the last time I saw a Denzel Washington impersonation. Denzel Washington. Odd showcase for new featured player Jay Pharoah and a spot on impersonation. Of Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington.

Bruno Mars, First Song:Just the Way You Are” I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of Bruno Mars before this performance. You could probably call me a fan now. Nice performance of a pretty song. Not what I was expecting, but a beautiful performance. I’m guessing iTunes did some brisk business as a result.

Weekend Update: A solid Update. Seth Myers delivers his standard good one liners, and the guests were not as annoying as the tend to be. Best punch lines“ “Record” and “Play”. “You’re Fired.” Mark Zuckerberg: Everything is about meeting girls. Touché. “You’re gonna get shot in a bar.” Funny bit with the Mexican Board of Tourism, who‘s English mastery wavers when asked about drug lords and shootings.

The Suze Orman Show: Wiig was only in one sketch last week, are we making up for it this week? Ah, Suze has Gay-dar. Mildly amusing, I guess. Jane Lynch is “out” so I guess the jokes were appropriate.

Sunday Night Football: Jane Lynch sings again. Funny until about halfway through, then the ideas ran out. But Lynch again gives it her full comedic skills which covered for her singing skills. I will say, though, that Chris Collingsworth should have been parodied long ago, and Bill Hader nails him, in voice and pseudo-intelligent delivery.

Bruno Mars, Second Song: “Grenade”. Another great performance. I like this guy.

Final Sketch: A lawyer with a tiny half-formed twin coming out of his head. Sometimes they expect us to all have gone to bed by this time. Not a funny sketch, but this last slot is where they usually try some of their weirder stuff.

All around a good episode that made good use of the host. Lynch went all out at every sketch.

Next week: A repeat of last week with Amy Poehler and Kanye West.

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