Oct 29, 2010

I’m With Coco: Show Zero

UPDATE: Conan: Show Zero premiered last night online, sponsored by Diet Coke. If you were waiting for your NetZero to finish “ga-dong-ga-donging” via dial-up or went to grab a Coke Zero from the fridge or to see if there was Zero bar in your kid’s Halloween bag, you may have missed it.  Conan appeared in his new offices, and proclaiming that on the Internet things had to move fast, proceeded to conduct a complete late night talk show in less than five minutes. His staff was gathered in a conference room as the audience, Andy Richter was standing backed up to a window. There was only room for one member of the band (playing on a piccolo, no less). Conan told a one-joke monologue, then invited his one guest, Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons. Parson said “Hello,” Andy Drank a Diet Coke and said, “mmm, diet Coke, Buy some,” then it was time for the musical guest. Steel Train plowed though the door to play the opening chord from their latest single.  Good night everybody!

This was pure Conan: take a silly comment and turn it into a comedy bit with lots of hype.  It may also have been a sly dig at Jimmy Fallon who did an Internet show for a few weeks to warm up for his gig as Conan’s replacement on Late Night. Makes me even more anxious to see the real show next week.  If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Conan O’Brien has been contractually prohibited from being funny on television since January 22, 2010, but that is coming to an end. (Jay Leno ConanOBriencontinues to be prohibited from being funny on television, or so it would seem.) Conan’s new Monday – Thursday show, “Conan,” begins on TBS on Monday, November 8 at 11/10c. Andy Richter will again join Conan as his sidekick and announcer, but Max Weinberg is not returning as the band leader. (Hopefully, that E Street Band gig will provide him with something to do.)

To get you ready for the new show, Coco and company are presenting Show Zero online at TeamCoco.com on Monday, November 1 at 11/10c. They’re not saying what will happen on the online broadcast, but we can assume it will be a preview of things to come. This will be our first chance to see if Conan will follow through on his pledge to risk NBC’s wrath by bringing back some of his favorite bits, most notably, the Masturbating Bear.

Team Coco Presents: Show Zero, Monday, Nov. 1 on TeamCoco.com at 11/10c

Conan, premiering Monday, Nov. 8 on TBS (DirecTV Channel 247) at 11/10c, M-Th

More to Come.

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