Oct 5, 2010

Galactica Re-creator May Go West

Entertainment Weekly's "news hound" Michael Ausiello is reporting that Ron Moore, the writer/producer who re-imagined Battlestar Galactica so successfully, is in the early stages of doing a reboot of the 60's hit, Wild Wild West. The original starred Robert Conrad and Ross Martin as Secret Service Agents James West and Artemis Gordon, who fought evil geniuses in the old west using gadgets and disguises. They operated out of a decked out steamer train.  Think James Bond and Our Man Flint in leather vests and Stetsons.

I have repressed the memory of Will Smith's horrible movie version, but the TV show was always entertaining.  

If you never watched the reboot of Battlestar, you missed some incredible television.  Moore kept the basic premise, the name and shape of the Battlestar, and the concept of Cylons rebelling against their creators. Everything else was completely re-imagined.  What was a Saturday matinée serial that looked like Sid and Marty Kroft were production designers became one of the grittiest, most intense hours of television in years, with some of the most complex characters imaginable. BSG is definitely worth adding to your Netflix queue.  Anyway, if Moore does for Wild Wild West what he did for BSG, you can expect Deadwood with gadgets and disguises.

This report follows the one last week that Moore is also developing what has been dubbed "Harry Potter for Adults." No, not bad porn; apparently this will be a police procedural that takes place in a world where magic is normal.  Again, in Ron Moore's hands, this could be a very entertaining show.

More to Come.


  1. Are you watching Caprica?

  2. I love Caprica! Different but similar to BSG.

    I have the new episode recorded. I watch very few shows live.


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